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'CI KnitStar' knitting needles range from Camry International

At Camry International, we believe that quality knitting needles offer great freedom to knitters to express their creativity and imagination during the knitting process. Knitting needles also assist users in making knitting a nice and pleasant experience.

Considering the growing importance and the need for quality knitting needles among knitters, Camry International has introduced a huge range of quality knitting needles known as 'CI KnitStar '. 

What KnitStar Offers

¤ Wide range of knitting needles in wood and metal

¤ Quality knitting products at attractive prices

¤ Suitable for beginners as well as experienced knitters

¤ Offers great value to its users

¤ Retailer and wholesaler enquiries solicited across all the countries

Our New Product Development

We are delighted to inform about our new innovative development ‘Activ Bamboo Needles’ with beautiful colour ends. The salient features of ‘Activ Bamboo Needles’ are as follows:

¤ Separate colour ends in every size for easy size identification.

¤ New bright and vibrant colour ends make these needles more attractive than ordinary Bamboo Needles

¤ Offers a whole new and pleasant knitting experience to knitters

¤ Economically priced thus offers value for money.

Our Vision

Camry International has set out four major points of its vision that give a long-term direction on where we want to go and how to reach there.

¤ Launch of new innovative products and packaging that matches the requirement of the knitter

¤ Strive for continuous improvement in all its processes and committed to provide defect free products

¤ Ensure customer satisfaction through excellent customer service

¤ Create positive impact through our products, our processes, relationships with our trade partners and through the various other ways in which we are engaged with the society.

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