Bamboo Super Fun Kids Fixed Circular Needles - 20 cm (8”)

 Bamboo Super Fun Kids Fixed Circular Needles  - 20 cm (8”)

Bamboo Needles are made using Bamboo which is considered a rapidly renewable eco-friendly resource. Although many characteristics of bamboo are similar to hardwoods, bamboo is touted to be much denser, stronger and more stable than most tropical hardwoods (less likelihood of severe shrinking or expansion due to humidity fluctuations)

Product Features:

  • Strong and durable.
  • Exceptionally strong and smooth joining of needles and cable.
  • Short length circular needles suitable for starters as well as experienced knitters.
  • Gradually tapered points and extra smooth surface help in easy knitting.
  • Available in diameters ranging from 2.00 mm to 6.00 mm (US Sizes 0 to 10).
  • Available in lengths of 30 cm (12”), 40 cm (16”), 60 cm (24”), 80 cm (32"), 100 cm (40") and 120 cm (48").

Packing :

  • •Pair of 2 needles connected with a cable .

Product Specifications:

Durchmesser Metrisch Länge Metrisch Produkt- Code
2.00mm 20cm 3451
2.25mm 20cm 3452
2.50mm 20cm 3453
2.75mm 20cm 3454
3.00mm 20cm 3455
3.25mm 20cm 3456
3.50mm 20cm 3457
3.75mm 20cm 3458
4.00mm 20cm 3459
4.50mm 20cm 3460
5.00mm 20cm 3461
5.50mm 20cm 3462
6.00mm 20cm 3463

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